Compass Rose Academy

“College And” Approach

Located on the south side of San Antonio, on what was formerly Brooks City-Base, Compass Rose Academy is an open-enrollment, public charter school founded in 2017.  Its mission is to prepare its students for the rigors of college and the world beyond.  It ensures every student is in the most challenging courses taught by game-changing teachers, and every child is held to the high character standards necessary to become leaders in their community.  


Compass Rose prepares students for college and allows them to acquire highly sought

after technical skills that make them candidates for top-paying careers in the new American workplace.  While not all students will pursue careers in technical fields, technology is a new form of literacy necessary for student success.  

To execute this mission, Compass Rose will focus on the following aims:

1. All students will graduate with an admissions letter to a four-year college or university.

2. All students will graduate with a suite of technical skills that make them attractive commodities in the marketplace.

3. All student will be provided the autonomy to produce work that awakens their individual passions and invests them in the fact that school is exciting, fulfilling, and worthwhile.

Currently serving about 400 students in grades 6-9, Compass Rose: Brooks will expand by one grade level each year until its first cohort of students graduates high school in 2023. 


A semi-blended learning model will include at least one period per day of personal learning.  Adaptive technology will allow students to move forward at a manageable pace and effectively close gaps in their  earning as they develop.


Students will participate in a unique Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship thread from 6th grade through 12th grade. All students will take an introductory course in Design Thinking and then will have the opportunity to master Coding (also known as Computer Programming), engage in Robotics, and design and develop a technology-based business plan.

Courses include Computer Programming and Cloud Computing, Project Management, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Mobile Strategy and Application Development, UX design, and Database Administration and Data Visualization.


In The News


Parents are part of the Teacher Hiring Process at Compass Rose Academies by

Compass Rose Academy invited me to observe a critical part of their hiring process, when prospective teachers do demo lessons with real students and sit down to talk with families. Hiring the right teachers is essential for the continuing success of the school, and the process of choosing teachers reveals a lot about the Compass Rose Academy philosophy. The fact that parents and students have a say in how Compass Rose hires teachers says a lot about how the leaders hold themselves accountable to the families they serve.  Read more