Royal Public Schools

Award-winning STEM education plus art

From Dr. Soner Tarim, founder of A-rated Harmony Public Schools, comes Royal Public Schools.  In addition to Dr. Tarim's proven track record in STEM education, the Royal schools will feature a rigorous arts curriculum and integrated social-emotional curriculum that Dr. Tarim has spent the last year developing as an Aspen Institute Fellow.  

We are proud to have recruited this exciting new school model to San Antonio and are hopeful that the Texas Education Agency and State Board of Education will grant it a Generation 25 charter to serve San Antonio area students in grades K-12.

Coming to San Antonio

Royal Public Schools intends to open with grades K, 1, and 2 in 2021-22.  In each year after, it will grow by one grade level until its inaugural 2nd grade class graduates from its high school in 2031-32.

Hands-On learning

"At Royal, we are committed to project-based learning.  Each child has a natural curiosity and love of learning, and children learn best by using all the five senses to discover the world around them.  A multi-sensory experience can help them to understand and retain information more effectively.  Our project-based learning will help students make better cognitive connections to understand difficult concepts more deeply."  

-Dr. Soner Tarim