San Antonio Preparatory Charter School

School Model

SA Prep's curriculum is designed to place students on the path to college.  It is founded on the notion that college is an opportunity that exposes students to a world of possibilities, and the path to college starts early.  It is committed to the belief that all students should be immersed in their culture, learn about their identity, engage in their community, and build strong relationships with others.  The founding team is intentionally creating an environment where students can do all of these things.

Two Teachers and High-Quality Instructions

Every middle school class will have two teachers – one to teach ELA and History and one to teach Math and Science.  The teacher student ratio will be 1:28.  Teachers will receive weekly professional development and extended summer training. 

Extended School Day and Year

The school day is from 7:30am to 4:30pm. San Antonio Prep believes that every minute matters, and additional minutes approve student achievement. 

Deeper Learning

The San Antonio Prep curriculum will focus on critical thinking, communication, collaboration, academic mindsets, and learning how to learn, all through the implementation of rigorous content. 

High Expectations

San Antonio Prep believes that all students deserve a high-quality, college preparatory education, with a focus on literacy and mathematics in middle school, college preparatory work in high school, and the development of 21st century digital literacy skills in all grades. 

Rigorous Curriculum

San Antonio Prep’s middle school schedule will include 150 daily minutes of literacy instruction and 125 daily minutes of math instruction broken into multiple class periods.


San Antonio Preparatory Charter School will open in the Judson area in August 2020 with grades 5-7.  One grade level will be added each year until the school serves grades 5-12.